We are focused on strategic financial advisory 24/7.

At FS Partners we advice our clients providing value thanks to the experience of our partners and IMAP`s international network (, the leading global M&A alliance.

The partners are personally involved in every transaction in which we take part.

That together with our International reach through IMAP allows to execute transactions efficiently and to provide superior service both in domestic as well as in cross border transactions.

Interests aligned with those of our Clients:

Our compensation is based on the success of the transaction.

Local Know-how and Presence:

We are based in Argentina and understand profoundly the local business idiosyncrasy and  community.

Strict Confidenciality:

We are a small organization which allows us to maintain confidentiality and ensure the control of the sale process.

International Experience and Reach:

We have extensive relationships and transaction experience in Latin America and global reach through IMAP.

Personalized Advisory:

The partners participate directly in every transaction and in every step of the process, providing our experience in transaction valuation, structuring and execution.